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Have You Heard About the Revolutionary Breakthrough In Anti-Aging Skin Treatment?

Makes wrinkles, stretch marks and scars disappear before your eyes, introducing a milestone treatment that requires no surgery discovered by none other than a top plastic surgeon. It works like magic only this is for real!

Welcome to the wonderful new world of skin care through the revolutionary Derma Roller System. Introduced during the early 2000’s, it makes use of micro needles to puncture the skin at different measured depth and spacing. The procedure stimulates natural collagen production and new skin cell generation. It also works well with other skin treatments due to its other benefits such as increase in topical skin products absorption. The treatment system has been developed even further with the introduction of different micro needle depths and spacing for various skin treatments. The system itself has provided for a non-invasive, non-surgical method of treatment that is both effective and easy.

What Exactly Can the Derma Roller Do?

It is primarily, very effective in eliminating scars, wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks. When combined with the Pluripotent anti-aging serum it eliminates all visible signs of aging fast. Very Fast!

  • Literally roll your skin problems away. Remove Scars, Wrinkles, Cellulite and Stretch Marks as you roll it on your skin.
  • When used in tandem with the proper serum, Derma Roller will increase the efficacy of the serum by 300% brought about by the serum’s deeper penetration in to the skin.
  • No surgery and 100% no pain treatment and with no bad effects on your skin. With the right training the process can be done at home.
  • Will not make skin sensitive to ultraviolet light. Although it is recommended to avoid the sun a few days after treatment.
  • The process tricks the skin into replacing old skin cells and scar tissue to brand new skin cells making skin silky smooth just like a babies.
  • Very effective in treating all kinds of scarring due to surgery, burns, acne, chicken pox, pitting of skin, large pores, etc.
  • The puncturing generated by the micro needles stimulates collagen production and “re-sets” the cell cycle back to adult stem cells (differentiated stem cells capable of dividing and creating new cells)
  • The puncturing allows for better and deeper absorption of wrinkle or anti-aging creams thereby maximizing the efficacy dramatically giving you an “Instant Facelift”
  • The secret lies in using the Derma Roller in tandem with a powerful anti-aging serum such as our “Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum” (Hyauluronic Acid, 5% Micro collagen, Vita A&C)
  • Be the master of your skin’s fate. Take control and tell your skin what to do. Decide when to eliminate scars, wrinkles and cellulite. Your skin will always obey your commands with Derma Roller and Anti-Aging Serum.

What do Scars, Wrinkles, Cellulite and Stretch Marks have in common?

They are all produced due to the skin’s inability to regenerate properly and the lack of micro-collagen.

Our skin is programmed to age. Instead of replacing damaged skin cells with new ones our skin produces scar cells. And because our skin is programmed this way our skin ages and dies making it look worse as the years go by.

Derma Roller “tricks” your skin and changes its programming. It stimulates the skin to create new skin cells and generate collagen to replace scars and wrinkles with new collagen fortified skin. With our Secret Sauce, you will have baby smooth skin in no time.

So what is the Secret Sauce that makes Sylvan Derma Rollers more effective than others on the market?

A very good question to ask because the answer is also very important. The secret sauce is the Sylvan “Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum” made with Hyaluronic Acid, telemorase, 4-transcription factors, retinol, 5% micro-collagen.

On its own the “Pluripotent” Serum by Sylvan is already a wonderful anti-aging serum. With the inclusion of the Derma Roller treatment, the serum absorption and penetration is increased to 300%. It ensures penetration of the product up to the very foundation of your skin layers, the basal dermal layer, where it effectively stimulates the generation of new skin.

There are a lot of derma roller products on the market to choose from and they basically have the same essential function. The secret ingredient with our Derma Roller is the Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum.

Why purchase from Sylvan?

We have been in the skin care products business since 1998. Our long and extensive experience has given us a great deal of expertise on skin care and treatment. We have expert consultants available for inquiries and guidance on all our products. You may contact them by phone or by email.

"Plus! You Are Completely Covered By A Full 100% Iron Clad, 120-Day, No Nonsense Money-Back Guarantee!"

Yes! If you buy from Sylvan, you may return our products to us within 120 days as part of our Iron Clad, No Nonsense Return Policy (shipping costs included)!

Are there different types of micro needles on derma rollers?

Yes, there are many different grades of Derma Roller Micro Needling.

Not sure what size to get? We recommend you initially buy the 1.5mm roller. It is the best for cosmetic use. For hair re-growth treatment, we suggest the 0.25mm for best results.

Uses 0.2mm 0.25mm 0.3mm 0.5mm 0.75mm 1.0mm 1.50mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm
Uper Derma Reborn       YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
Anti Age / Anti Wrinkle       YES YES YES YES      
Light Scar,Pimples and Blemish       YES YES YES YES      
Deep Scar,Pores Refine Treatment           YES YES YES YES YES
Enchance Nutrient Absorption YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
Cellulite & Stretch Marks Treatment           YES YES YES YES YES
Hair Re-growth YES YES YES              
Eye Treatment YES YES YES YES            

Derma Rollers also work as hair re-growth treatment?

Aside from skin care treatment, the Derma Roller is also an effective hair re-growth treatment tool if used in combination with hair re-growth topical solutions such as Rogain or Minoxil. The micro needling of the skin increases the penetration of these solutions up to the hair follicles where they are most effective for hair re-growth.

How does Derma Roller work on stretch marks and cellulite?

Stretch marks are thinned dermal layers. The precisely spaced pricks of the Derma Roller micro needles causes minute trauma to this layer of skin. This causes the skin to produce collagen. With the inclusion of the Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum in the treatment, the damaged cells will go away and be replaced with new silky smooth skin cells. Overtime, the skin rejuvenation and healing process will increase the thickness of the dermal layer causing stretch marks to fade and eventually disappear.

How effective is the Derma Roller in removing stretch marks?

In most cases you will already notice a considerable disappearance of stretch marks in the first week of application of the Derma Roller treatment. The speed by which these results will occur may vary from one individual to another. The efficacy and time span of the treatment may depend on several factors such as the frequency of treatment and the choice of Anti-Aging serum used.

After a few months of treatment the stretch marks usually become barely noticeable. For most users they are barely noticeable in less than a year of proper application. The stretch marks will continue to disappear for up to a year of treatment.

How does Derma Roller work on wrinkles?

Wrinkles are the outcome of the natural aging process of our skin. Poor skin care, sun damage, smoking, lack of hydration, repetitive facial muscle movement and facial expressions can cause the natural aging process to speed up.

There are two types of wrinkles, there are the fine lines that occur on our faces and there are furrows or deep wrinkles which occur around the neck area. Fine line wrinkles are easier to remove using most any wrinkle treatment. Deep wrinkles and furrows are harder to remove and usually require a more aggressive approach.

Note that Derma Roller will work on all types of wrinkles anywhere on the body even though most people focus on the noticeable wrinkles on the face.

There are two main causes of wrinkles:

  1. Skin Aging and the skin’s inability to regenerate
  2. Free Radicals on skin cells

Skin Aging and Regeneration

The human skin is built in such a way that eventually, immortal reproductive cells transform in to adult differentiated cells. When this happens they lose their ability to regenerate. This is where Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum comes in. It contains vita enzymes and transcription factors that will reverse time for the skins cells without the use of cloning or egg cells.

Free Radicals

These are intruders in our bodies that damage and kill healthy skin cells. They are produced by the many natural chemical reactions that occur in our body and cannot be avoided. But it can increase if you are subjected to environmental stressors such as ultraviolet light, smoking, unhealthy diet, and allergens.

Aside from attacking healthy skin cells, free radicals also go into the lower dermal layers and attack the skins connective tissue called collagen. This is a very important component of our skin as it gives it strength and elasticity. By attacking the collagen, free radicals cause skin to split and tear forming wrinkles.

While we are still young our body combats these free radicals with anti-oxidants. But as we age our body produces less and less anti-oxidants to stop the free radicals. As a result, we cannot stop wrinkles from happening.

But with Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum treatment, which has powerful anti-oxidants and the ability to stimulate new skin cell growth, plus the deep penetrating power of the derma roller, we can now stop the process for both types of wrinkles and both causes as well.

It stops wrinkles because it stops the aging process!

Our germ line cells or stem cells start off with considerably longer ends to the chromosomes or telomeres. This shortens as we age and become differentiated cells. This shortening of the telomeres is the clock for cellular aging.

What if we can turn back the clock? What if we can stop the cellular aging process? What if there is an anti-aging enzyme, that shuts down old skin cells and transforms them in to new ones.

Telemorase is that enzyme. It is the silver bullet in Pluripotent Serum that generates adult stem cells. This in turn regenerates new skin cells. It does not simply repair damaged tissue, it actually replaces it with new ones. When applied with the Derma Roller, Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum allows our bodies to transcend from our genetic boundaries by giving it the ability to regenerate. It is literally cheating the aging process.

Is Derma Roller plus Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum treatment better than Botox treatment?

Yes! It is definitely much better than Botox. Botox can only treat the symptom of wrinkles by hiding it and this is only a temporary solution because as soon as the botox runs out your wrinkles come back. Derma Roller plus Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum treatment attacks the cause of wrinkles making it a more effective long term solution.

How effective is Scar Revision?

Scars are left over reminders of old wounds which may have been caused by skin trauma, disease, surgery or injury. It is our body’s natural method of repairing broken skin just like a patch made up of scar tissues instead of normal skin cells. Scars can be small and negligible or huge and very noticeable. In many cases big or small many of us would like to eliminate their tell tales from our skin.

That’s the problem with our skin biology. The reproductive cells that we are all made of evolve into differentiated cells. As a result, they lose the capacity to proliferate forever. Our skin tissue ages and as it does it deteriorates. Our body is limited in its capacity to regenerate and repair these skin tissues. As a result, when we injure our skin, we get deeper and bigger scars.

Bottom line, our aging body’s lack of ability to generate new skin cell is the reason why it produces scars as a substitute.

Derma Roller treatment combined with Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum disrupts the normal skin cycle of producing scar tissue and tricks the old skin cells to divide and create new skin cells in replacement of the scar tissue there by eliminating scars!

And now there is new way to remove scar tissue and replace it with new skin cells with adult stem cells also known as iPS cells. iPS cells will make scar tissue vanish. Derma Roller treatment combined with Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum will generate the needed iPS cells that will remove skin scars. iPS cells also help in replacing hair follicles and sweat glands on replaced skin tissue.

A major cause of extremely large scars on the skin are due to burns. Until recently there are practically no non-surgical means of greatly diminishing burn scars and skin graft scars. Derma Roller treatment combined with Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum can do just that. See our before and after pictures of the Derma Roller treatment of burn scars.

There are rare cases wherein scars are formed due to the overproduction of collagen. This is known as Hypertrophic and Keloid scars. Do not treat these scars with Derma Roller. The Derma Roller treatment increases the collagen in the skin and as such will not help since the cause of this skin scaring is the overproduction of collagen.

What needle length should be used on the Derma Roller for scar revision?

As a rule of thumb, the thicker the scar area on the skin, the longer the needles that should be used. For home users, the recommended size for face scars is 1.55m and should not exceed 2.55m. The standard needle size for facial scars revision with the Derma Roller is 1.5m.

How do I prepare my skin for Derma Roller treatment?

First, cleanse your skin, rinse thoroughly, then towel dry. After drying, apply the serum of your choice on the skin area to be treated. We strongly recommend the Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum.

What is the best treatment method to get the best results?

Just follow these easy steps. Roll the Derma Roller back and forth first horizontally, then vertically, then diagonally 4 to 5 times on each are of treatment. Make sure that you consistently apply equal pressure and speed while rolling the Derma Roller. For more detailed instructions, watch our training video on Derma Rollers.

Are there any post treatment instruction I should do after Derma Roller treatment?

For treatment using 0.5mm needles or shorter, no post treatment is necessary.

For treatment using longer than 0.5mm needles, the skin will become sensitive and may swell for a few hours. Skin may also turn red and may look and feel like it is sunburnt. Immediately after treatment, apply a nutritional mask. Do not overly expose skin to ultraviolet light and use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor for a few days after treatment. Wait for at least 2 days before putting on makeup on the treated areas. It is normal for the skin to peel a few days after treatment. Do not peel off loose skin. Let it peel off naturally. The process of cell division and collagen production are occurring during this stage. Peeling of the loose skin will merely hamper the process. It is a slow process and may take a series of treatments but in time, you will experience dramatic results.

How do I clean my Derma Roller?

After each use of the Derma Roller, soak in warm water with dish soap. Rinse with warm water then air dry. After air drying disinfect the Derma Roller by soaking in alcohol for 30 minutes then air dry again after soaking. Do not use sponge, brush or cloth to clean the Derma Roller. These materials may harbour harmful bacteria which can be transferred to the Derma Roller.

Here is the Proof!

See examples below of before and after treatment results!

Scar Revision

Stretch mark Removal


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