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Sylvan Air Ozone Generator SYL-3500

Sylvan Air Ozone Generator SYL-3500

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Ozone Generators are the only solution for reducing mold, mildew, odors, and bacteria.

Need to remove mold caused by flooding? Look no further You have found the solution .

This is the model you will receive 3500mg/hr


Ozone Air-3500 - Their most powerful model with 3500mg/hr
Size 8 1/4" x 7" x 6"
Weight 2.5 kg
Timer 1 hour with Hold
Ozone Generation- Corona discharge method
100 CFM
Ozone Output 3500 milligrams per hour
Maximum treatment area
(cubic feet) 160,000
Primary Volts 110 / 220
Discharge Volts 3000
Electrical Power 120 Watts
Cycles 50 / 60 Hz
Warranty- 1yr

Sylvan Ozone Air Brand Generators are used by the professional fire and water damage restoration specialists around the world. When choosing a brand of ozone machines, why not place your trust in the same brand as the Pro's?

Reduce Black Mold, Mildew, Odors, Bacteria & Viruses

Highly reactive ozone is created by our ozone generator. Ozone is a colorless gas made up of three atoms of oxygen (Ozone Air). It is one of the strongest disinfectants in the world with 3000 times the germ killing power of chlorine.

When ozone comes in contact with mold and mildew, pollen, odors, or other airborne bacteria, one of those atoms combines with the pollutants rendering them inactive by oxidation, leaving behind pure clean oxygen, (O3).

This high output ozone generator (up to 3500 mg/hr) can help:

reduce levels of airborne bacteria

reduce black mold and mildew

reduce fungi

reduce mold spores

reduce odors and viruses.

The air is then much cleaner and healthier.

Occasionally a generator is referred to as an air cleaner or an ozone purifier. Regardless of the terminology, rest assured our machines are highly effective air cleaners, especially when it comes to killing airborne mold, or toxic mold as it is sometimes called.

Many Applications

Ozone generators have many applications both commercially and around the home such as:

Disaster recovery

An ozone air cleaner is very effective when used in the clean up process following fires to get rid of the smoke odors, or in flood restoration to kill mold and mildew.

An ozone generator is often used by cleanup crews following a fire to help recover items ruined by smoke damage.

Many of the unfortunate hurricane flood victims in the Gulf Coast states have found our air purifiers to be the machine of choice for helping reduce their mold and mildew problems and re-creating a safe air environment within their homes.

Experts in mold remediation use ozone generators to kill mold in the air either before or after demolition and reconstruction. Eight out of Ten times, those expert turn to Sylvan Ozone Air machines


Reducing airborne mold in homes, in basements or crawl spaces

Sylvan Ozone Air purifiers are one of the least costly means of controlling mold and mildew. Mold is a dangerous source of indoor air pollution. People who suffer from mold allergies are acutely aware of the discomfort caused by toxic mold exposure.

There is a lot of mold information on the web and in libraries describing the various types of mold spores found in the home, with black mold being the one of most harmful to humans. Some are more dangerous than others, but few are harmless. It has been reported that as much as 60% of all common health problems have a direct or indirect link to toxic mold.

Black mold has even recently been discovered as a major source of depression in humans who are exposed to it on a continual basis.

If you have mold and mildew in your home and want to determine it's type, you can purchase a mold test kit at your local home products center, collect a sample of the mold and then send it in to be analyzed.


Odor control in homes, offices and factories

An ozone air purifier is unsurpassed when it comes to the job of smoke odor control, pet odor removal, or solving any other odor removal challenge you can come up with ??? even the two toughest: skunk spray, and cat urine.


Ozone is also used for medical purposes

The late Doctor Atkins, author of the well known Atkins Diet, was reportedly using ozone therapy to treat his cancer patients. A wealth of information about using ozone for this and other medical purposes is available from

There are many little known uses for an ozone air cleaner; from prolonging the shelf life of potatoes, or killing salmonella bacteria in egg processing plants, to actually increasing the survival rate in swine and poultry nurseries by killing the bacteria and fungi that attack the fledglings.

Speaking of swine and odor control, have you ever been around a pig farm? Guess who is a major user of ozone generators?

Operation of ozone air purifiers in an occupied area should be in compliance with the levels allowed by OSHA and the EPA.

Applications:  Here are a few of the more practical applications: 

·         Remove tobacco. smoke from room. Tobacco smoke has thousands of chemicals that penetrate deep into fabrics and materials. Ozone can oxidize those chemicals and permanently remove them from damaged surfaces and fabrics. Run ozone machine while someone is smoking to prevent smoke damage. Turn off after smoke is cleared.

·         Kills Mold. Shock treatment to kill all types of surface and airborne molds. Re-visit the area as needed to confirm a 100% mold kill. Periodic shock treatments as needed will prevent future mold infestations as well.

·         Keep HAVC Systems Clean. Place the Ozone Air -3500 inside your air duct and seal all vents. Run for 1 hour with your HVAC system off so that high concentrations of ozone "shock" the coil area. Mold and bacteria on Ac coils is a leading cause of "sick home syndrome".

·         Air Purification. Run the Ozone Air -3500 in unoccupied rooms from time to time to kill any bacteria, viruses, molds, etc. You can also run it near the air return in your HVAC system to freshen the air throughout your entire home. All it takes is 1 hour in a 10x12 room to "shock" and kill any harmful viruses, molds, or bacteria in the air.

Indoor Shock Treatment sq. ft recommendations. 

For smoke damage & mold abatement run the Ozone Air-3500

for a total of 6 hours for every 100 sq. ft (10" tall ceiling)  Ozone lingers for about 30-40 minutes.  The best way to use this machine is to run for 1 hr re-then re-set after 30-40 minutes for another hour. 

For cigarette smoke removal or general odor removal, run for 1 hr per

100 sq ft. room.  Put a towel under door, tape vents shut.   Place unit in

a central area.  It's okay to operate unit while someone is smoking in

the room as the ozone will quickly convert into oxygen.

Make sure you don't leave any live plants, animals, etc in the are while

doing shock treatments.  Seal the vents and the bottom of the doors to ensure the ozone doesn't leak out.  Remove any electronic equipment

if you shock a room for more than 24 hrs straight.

For cars, run the Ozone Air-3500 for 1 hour. (SUV's, 2 hrs total)

Allow 1 hr of "airing out" after a shock treatment.